Assist Life Stage Transition

Transition planning and goal setting: We work closely with individuals to create personalised transition plans based on their unique needs and goals. We assist in identifying the necessary steps, resources, and support required to navigate life stage transitions successfully.

School to post-school transition support: For individuals transitioning from school to post-school life, we provide guidance in exploring education and training opportunities, career planning, and developing independent living skills. We support participants in making informed decisions and developing the necessary skills for a successful transition.

Housing transition support: If individuals are moving from one living arrangement to another, we assist in exploring housing options that meet their needs and preferences. We provide guidance in navigating the housing market, accessing appropriate accommodation supports, and ensuring a smooth transition to a new living environment.

Emotional and social support: Life stage transitions can bring about emotional challenges and a need for greater social engagement. Our support workers provide emotional support, ensuring individuals feel heard, understood, and empowered during these transition periods. We also encourage social integration, helping individuals connect with peers and community resources.

Lifelong learning opportunities: We promote lifelong learning opportunities by assisting individuals in accessing further education and training if desired. We help participants explore educational options, connect them with relevant courses and programs, and provide support throughout their educational journey.


Individuals under the NDIS who are going through life stage transitions, such as graduating from school, moving to a new living arrangement, or experiencing significant life changes, are eligible for our life stage transition support services.

Our life stage transition support services are available to individuals of all age groups who are experiencing significant life transitions. We tailor our support to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual, regardless of their age.

The duration of the life stage transition support can vary depending on the individual's needs and goals. We provide support throughout the transition process, ensuring individuals have the assistance they need during this crucial period.

MM Care can assist with housing transitions by providing guidance on appropriate housing options, connecting individuals with relevant accommodation supports, and assisting with the logistics of moving to a new living arrangement.

Absolutely. We offer career planning and guidance as part of our life stage transition support services. Our team can assist individuals in exploring career options, accessing vocational training, and developing the necessary skills for a successful career transition.

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