Developing Life Skills

Through our comprehensive life skills development program at MM Care, we offer personalised support and training in various areas. Here are the detailed points about our life skills development program:

Personalised approach: Our program takes a person-centred approach, recognising that each individual has unique goals, preferences, and areas for development. We work closely with participants to understand their specific needs and design a tailored program that supports their growth and independence.

Range of skill areas: Our program covers a wide range of life skills, including personal care, budgeting, meal planning, household management, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, time management, and social skills.

Training and support: Our team of qualified professionals provides hands-on training and support to help participants build and strengthen their skills. We offer a combination of structured lessons, practical exercises, and real-life scenarios to enhance learning and application.

Progress tracking and evaluation: We regularly track and evaluate the progress of participants in their skill development journey. This enables us to provide ongoing feedback, make necessary adjustments, and celebrate achievements.

Independence and empowerment: Our ultimate goal is to empower participants to become confident, independent individuals. By providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge, we aim to equip them to navigate daily tasks, make informed decisions, pursue their aspirations, and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.


Participants under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) who are seeking to develop and enhance their life skills are eligible to access our life skills development program.

To enroll in our life skills development program, you can contact our team directly or through your NDIS plan manager. We will assess your specific needs and discuss the program's suitability for your goals.

Yes, our life skills development program is available for participants of all age groups. We tailor our approach to the developmental level, individual needs, and goals of each participant.

The duration of our life skills development program can vary based on the individual's needs and goals. The length and frequency of sessions are determined through discussions with participants and their support network to ensure the best outcomes.

Yes, we aim to provide a flexible and personalised program. We can accommodate specific skill areas and goals that you have, and tailor the program to meet your individual needs. Our team will work with you to develop a plan that aligns with your aspirations and areas for development.

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