Participation in Community

We provide personalized assistance for individuals to access community events, join clubs and organisations, volunteer, and participate in recreational activities.

Personalised approach: Our support workers work closely with individuals to understand their interests, goals, and preferences for community participation. This allows us to provide tailored assistance that aligns with their specific needs and aspirations.

Transportation coordination: We assist individuals in coordinating transportation to community events and activities. Whether it’s arranging public transportation, coordinating with carpooling services, or exploring accessible transportation options, we ensure that participants can safely and conveniently travel to their desired destinations.

Event planning: We help individuals plan their participation in community events by providing information about upcoming activities, helping them choose events that align with their interests, and assisting with logistics such as ticket booking, registration, and scheduling.

Personal support: Our support workers provide personal support during community activities, ensuring that individuals feel comfortable, confident, and included. This may include accompanying them to events, providing assistance with communication and interaction, and helping navigate unfamiliar environments.

Meaningful inclusion: We believe in the power of community engagement to foster a sense of belonging and connection. By facilitating participation in community events and activities, we enable individuals to build meaningful relationships, expand their social networks, and make valuable contributions to their communities.


Participants under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) who require assistance with community participation due to their disability are eligible to access our community participation support services.

To request community participation support, you can contact our team directly or through your NDIS plan manager. We will discuss your interests and goals, assess your support needs, and develop a customized plan to facilitate your participation in community activities.

We strive to support individuals in participating in a wide range of community activities based on their interests. Whether it's joining clubs, attending events, volunteering, or engaging in recreational activities, our goal is to facilitate your desired level of engagement and inclusion.

Our support workers are trained to provide personal assistance during community activities. They can help with communication, mobility, managing sensory needs, or any other support requirements you may have to ensure your participation is fulfilling and enjoyable.

We aim to provide support workers who are compatible with your preferences and support needs. While we cannot guarantee the presence of a specific support worker, we encourage open communication to ensure a positive working relationship between you and our support worker during community activities.

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