Assistance with Travel / Transport

Our team of experienced professionals at MM Care is committed to providing personalised support for transportation needs. Here are the detailed points about our transportation support services:

Individualized approach: We understand that transportation needs can vary greatly among individuals. Our team works closely with participants to assess their specific requirements, preferences, and any mobility challenges they may have.

Tailored transportation solutions: Based on individual needs, we provide tailored transportation solutions. This may include coordinating public transport options, arranging accessible vehicles with lifts or ramps, or organising specialised transportation services.

Travel planning assistance: We offer travel planning assistance to ensure that participants have all the necessary information and resources for their journeys. Our team can help with route planning, scheduling, and providing guidance on accessible options.

Safety and security: Participant safety is our top priority. We carefully vet transportation providers, ensuring they meet safety standards and have the necessary certifications. We also provide information on safety measures and best practices for using different transportation modes.

Independence and empowerment: Our aim is to empower participants to be independent travellers. We offer guidance on using public transport, navigating transportation systems, and accessing community resources for travel-related support.

Accessible transport options: We advocate for accessible transport options to ensure that participants can travel comfortably and with dignity. We work with local authorities, transport companies, and other stakeholders to improve accessibility in the community.


Participants under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) who require transportation assistance due to their disability are eligible to access our transportation support services.

To request transportation support, you can contact our team directly or through your NDIS plan manager. We will conduct an assessment to understand your specific needs and develop a tailored transportation plan.

Yes, we can assist with transportation for both short local trips and long-distance journeys. Our team will work with you to arrange the most suitable transportation options based on the distance, duration, and accessibility requirements.

We arrange accessible vehicles that cater to different mobility needs. These may include vehicles with ramps, lifts, or other adaptations to accommodate wheelchairs, mobility devices, or specific accessibility requirements.

The costs of transportation support may vary depending on the specific services and arrangements made. Our team will provide details on any associated costs, funding options, and assist participants in understanding their NDIS funding entitlements for transportation support.

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